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VM online i Twilight Struggle
« skrivet: 19 januari 2017 kl. 22:28:37 »

The fifth edition of the GMT GAMES Online Twilight Struggle World Championships will be held on May 20/21, 2017. You can register for this tournament by sending a mail to me (see Contact page). Please include the following information if I don’t know you: full name, email address, nationality, country of residence, city of residence.

This tournament is supported by GMT Games (www.gmtgames.com), but they are not responsible for the organization (the organizing team consists of Michael Stryker, Wojciech Pietrzak, Tasos Manolopoulos and Daniël Hogetoorn). However, the players ending on positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will receive a free copy of a board game published by GMT Games. The game has to be available by the end of May. I will send a detailed list to the winners at the end of the tournament. These games are fully donated by GMT Games. I would like to thank them so much!

Actual participants list: Michael Stryker (American), Tasos Manolopoulos (Greek), Wojciech Pietrzak (Polish), Daniël Hogetoorn (Dutch), Nestor Thomopoulos (Greek), Stephen Snowder (American), Petr Weida (Czech), Kik Ribail (French), Jedrzej Gasiorowski (Polish), Krzysztof Tomczynski (Polish), Jie Huang (Chinese), Nicolás Ramírez Schiaffino (Chilean), Janusz Wójciak (Polish), Kris Wei (Chinese), Ted Torgerson (American)

Uncertain: Theo Kang (Canadian), Johnny Mariani (Canadian)

Time schedule:

Saturday May 20

12.00-14.00 (GMT): round 1
14.30-16.30 (GMT): round 2
17.30-19.30 (GMT): round 3
20.00-22.00 (GMT): round 4

Sunday May 21 (only best players of Saturday)
Note: I will organize competitive matches for eliminated players on Sunday.

12.00-14.00 (GMT): round 5
14.30-16.30 (GMT): round 6
17.30-19.30 (GMT): round 7
20.00-22.00 (GMT): round 8

These Championships are free of charge, but I would like to ask all participants to make a kind donation to the Wargameroom.com site.