Författare Ämne: Wing Leader  (läst 8125 gånger)


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SV: Wing Leader
« Svar #60 skrivet: 23 juli 2020 kl. 21:11:47 »
last time we played a couple Wing Leader scenarios from diffrent expansions.

The Finnish 1944, total failur for the Finns (compared to the historical outcome), shotdown only 4 planes and lost one and the Finnish fighters brooke off. (one should probably split up the two Finnsih wings in to Flights to get more effect)
Rädda Dannmark, Swedish Fighters failed misserbly, but the bombers came trough.
Rocket attack: Stalins eagles rocked...
Pilling on: Very intresting development, First combant round was a disaster for USN/NZ, Japanese held an decisve victory, then USN fighters came back, and started pruse Japanese fighters who brook of and manage to turn the game around to a US Decsive victory.

Elias Nordling

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SV: Wing Leader
« Svar #61 skrivet: 24 juli 2020 kl. 06:50:59 »
I almost always split veteran squadrons when I can, and in the Karelia scenario you certainly should. For Rädda Danmark, the result sounds like the expected.
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