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Visa inlägg - Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

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Nyheter & feedback / JD Webster Visit to Sweden
« skrivet: 24 mars 2012 kl. 09:24:08 »
JD Webster, designer of the air games series Air Superiority, Speed of Heat and Fighting Wings, will be in Sweden in early May. His schedule is:

May 7 or 8th, fly into Amsterdam, connect direct to Copenhagen.

2-3 days in Copenhagen. Take train to Malmo Sweden on 11 May.

1-2 days in Malmo. Take train to Stockholm Sweden on 13 May.

3-4 days in Stockholm Sweden and vicinity.

Take Ferry to Helsinki 17 or 18 May.

2-3 days in Helsinki, Tampere area.

May 20 or 21 fly Helsinki to Amsterdam.

1 day in Amsterdam.

May 22, late night flight to New York City.

2 days in New York.

May 25, return to Tampa.

I'll be spending some time with him in Malmö (and possibly CPH). I was thinking of having a pub get-together somewhere reasonably accessible, like Pickwick's or The Bishop's Arms, though I've arranged nothing yet. If you want to arrange a link-up with him, drop him a line at:


- lee

Science-Fiction & Fantasy / StarForce: Alpha Centauri
« skrivet: 26 februari 2012 kl. 17:05:16 »
The granddaddy of science fiction wargames and still one of the most original and best.

Is there anyone else here who is familiar with the game and might be up for a playing?

Krigsspel / What Game Shall I Make Next?
« skrivet: 26 februari 2012 kl. 17:00:33 »
I'm trying to decide what game to design next. Possible options:

Air Warning Red. I'm having real problems designing a good game around such a small, chaotic war. The problem is not modelling the Falklands War, but making it a contest without stretching he bounds of reality. I'm tacking away from this right now, as I can't solve the puzzle.

AWACS. A cut-down Downtown borrowing ideas from Nightfighter to create a game about BVR engagements. I'm not sure how much of a game there is there at present. More research required.

Indo-Pak Air War 65. Having decided that my Zulu Alert Central Front Op Scale concept is just too monstrous to be practical, I'm trying to boil it down to a smaller war. I'm in the reading and research stage on this right now and there may be potential. But there's a lot of number crunching and storyboarding to be done yet before I can validate whether there is a game in this.

Events / JD Webster visit
« skrivet: 7 november 2011 kl. 00:13:47 »
It looks as if JD Webster, designer of Air Superiority and the Fighting Wings series, will be paying me a visit in Malmö in May next year.

No details yet but we may be up for drinks or games or somesuch.

Första världskriget / Bloody April
« skrivet: 6 juni 2011 kl. 10:20:29 »
I know it's a derivative of my raid-scale games, but I have been keeping away from this one lest I get sucked in. Has anyone here been involved with the playtest at all?

Andra världskriget / Nightfighter (GMT)
« skrivet: 17 april 2011 kl. 08:15:03 »
I thought I'd just kick off this thread. The game is currently at the printers and is slated to ship in June (or possibly even May).

Does anyone have this on pre-order?

Science-Fiction & Fantasy / Fornaldar
« skrivet: 17 april 2011 kl. 08:04:17 »
Just got this from Karoly Szigetvari, a Nordic-flavoured version of David Ritchie's old Albion game from SPI's Ares magazine.

It is a very handsome package for a self-published jobbie, with graphics very much in the Redmond Simonsen style. There's a little madness. Skane, for example, is located many leagues to the west of the actual place. But it seems to capture the fantasy dynamic of having armies and heroes zipping about, incorporating both the personal and epic at a single scale. I suspect you write your own narrative as it plays.

I've yet to break this one out and play. I suspect it may be a bit long and would not be surprised at a 10+ hour playing. Also the combat stuff looks as fiddlesome as the original. Howeve, this could be at the top of the pile for playing over the Easter weekend.

Kalla kriget / Choisin: X Corps Escapes the Trap
« skrivet: 17 augusti 2009 kl. 19:58:50 »
Does anyone else have a copy of this S&T game? It's a recent Joe Miranda jobbie and therefore suspect. However, it's based on an older game, back when Joe was good, and is a subject that's hard to screw up. It might be worth a punt.

Components are a bit blah, from what I can see. Grotty Joe Youst graphics. But the game chassis looks sound on a first readthrough.

Kalla kriget / Berlin '85 (SPI)
« skrivet: 10 augusti 2009 kl. 19:11:13 »
When I arrive in Sweden I may be looking for an opponent to play this old SPI favourite with me.

Science-Fiction & Fantasy / StarForce: Alpha Centauri
« skrivet: 23 juli 2009 kl. 23:58:00 »
This '70s SPI classic is one of my favourite wargames of all time and certainly my favourite SF game. (Not to mention the only wargame to make pop music history.) A rare example of a game system that posits a novel way of war.

When I come to Sweden I shall be bringing my copies of the game and will be on the lookout for a gaming partner for this. Anyone game?

Andra världskriget / Bomber Command
« skrivet: 18 juli 2009 kl. 08:48:15 »
As announced in the Boxen directory, I shall be moving from the UK to Malmö in August/September. Once I have settled in to my new home I shall be looking for new gaming partners in the Malmo and Lund areas. In particular I would like to see whether are there any interested gamers willing to help playtest my new game Bomber Command.

Bomber Command will be the sister game to Nightfighter, which is currently in GMT's P500 pre-order program. Whereas Nightfighter is very much a tactical game, Bomber Command is a raid-scale grand-tactical game in the mould of my Downtown and The Burning Blue designs. Against the German flak and nightfighter defences it matches British raid planning, comprising the main force bomber stream and supporting Mosquito and Gardening raids. (Yes, you can mine the Oresund!)

Details of both games can be found here:


Bomber Command:

You can pre-order Nightfighter here:

Consider this thread as the destination for chat on both games, though we can split off Nightfighter conversations if they get too heavy.


- lee

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